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Our Introduction Singapore

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Our Introduction Jakarta

 Hello Customers & Friends,

Most of You may know pretty well and use my kickass service of Apple Repair Skill trusted by thousands of Clients. 

Which totally smashed down its competition for about a year when it started operated in 2008 Now I am here to present You my next masterpiece

  1 Year Warranty

Only for Original Spareparts Replacement

While our service, skill & people is pretty good and does its job pretty well, and will continue to do so, the techniques it uses can provide that fast and better lasting as the new service I am launching. Since couple of months I have been quietly working on turning a long time privately kept secret. With 1 year warranty extent much longer then what we previously given. This is to prove that the original parts we use do not damage easily as what our competition are using. We guarantee a worry free from our parts and our repair skill.

  What exactly does the warranty cover?  

1 Years warranty of Parts.

Manufacture defects coverage.

  Does this not what others are also offering?

  They aren’t as most are offering around 1 month warranty. And this is still not enough time to let the phone run wild. Heheh. Okay not really run wild but it’s still not enough to let it be fully be use to test it toughness from day to day usage without dropping it.    

  But wait! How about the user who are only able to spend on a minimum budget?    

  Well we didn’t forget about that. To the users who are on budget spending we truly understand. That’s why we have spent lot of months planning on the lowest possible price – The lowest price on the market.    

So what’s the different between Original & Fake Parts?  

Interesting question. This question is still up for debate. Easy way to answer is what’s the different between Taiwan & China? Aren’t they the same? They look the same yet the way of how they are thinking is different. What I am saying is the parts may look the same but they was not build the correct ways it was suppose to & the things inside that you are not seeing make a huge different at how long the part can actually last.

Fake parts are being done by everything cheap, Labour, Machine, Zero Quality Check. And most of the time they are just to cheap to even last long. They are built to be use and last for just a less period of time.  

Yes, we do bring this parts for the user whom are on budget we are offering at the lowest possible price. But do we recommend this fake/High Copy part? No, we do not recommend it. But do not worry it will come with 3 months Warranty for High Copy Parts as we will be making sure to not bring the bad/worse part. To Cheap may result in more spending. We will make sure the lowest possible on your budget :D


    Want to know more about me?  

Well let me share it reason I started this business. I begin doing it because I only trusted in myself. Hahah sounded really stupid right. But really I am stubborn to trust in anyone. I had been cheated by to many people to put my trust on others. My friends who I thought they were my friends stole my 1st phone ever that was given by my dad.

Yet when questioned all they said that they didn’t. After 6 months later they confessed. I trusted them and this was what I got in return I was really sad that things turn out this way. if it had happen to you before you will truly understand the feelings. I still remember it till today like it just happened yesterday.

  That’s not all, 3 years later I when to Sim lim Square. I wanted to grab myself a PSP started working part time in a restaurant. Man I was happy to start earning money for myself. Then worse happen. Sim lim square people there level 1,2,3 & 4 those levels they are not good people. They were a blood sucking 24/7 vampires. They offer me a very cheap price to grab a psp cheaper by $150 from it actual price I really thought I had hit a jackpot. The moment I paid them the horns & mafia games started I was force to pay more for additional things that I was not told about in the 1st place. They wanted me to pay for additional warranty. Ram speed and lot more. Yet I was lucky to run away from it.  

But really I was still young 17 years old to be exact and this happen. Okay, my story they are getting to long to be shared but seriously. Hear me out just a little more. As this story does end in happy endings. :D  

So few months after i was amaze by what a good service really is. I bought my 1st psp at Qishan. Man their services was the best.  

Then soon my psp got damage. The button was not responding that well after warranty had ended. I was low in cash so I when asking around my Neighborhood Repair shops. To my sadness they were all the same like those people in sim lim square. No different. So I when on to grab the parts and bought it from online. I was lucky I found the right supplier after 2 -3 cheated cases lucky it was not that expensive for psp parts.

  Then soon it happen I begin doing repair on iPhone 2g. The business went on so well then the calling happened. I was called for National Service (NS) Police. I always dream to be in the Police since young to protect & serve the country & the people. And to catch those bad criminals, scammer & cheaters.  

Started patrolling and we did catch few bad guys. Begin with NPC then when on to Transcom Mrt Police.

  Those high rankers are super duper great. Police was the life.

  And so the story end here. After ended Police i begin to open a shop. Make Lot of friends & started to know people from Sim lim square and yes they still are doing what they do best. You know what I mean. It’s no good.

  And now year 2015 I have around 2 shops in Jakarta. At Mangga Duo Mall & Jakarta Selatan Blok M.  

And I Recently just launched 2 Mobile Apps @ iTune Store & Goolge Play Vavy Adventure & Jewel Hunter

  See it did end well. Hahah.

I am so glad to be in the Police & to respect the law. If it was not because of them I may had turn out bad. But seriously being in the police force change me a lot. But the sad news is I really dislike Indonesia police. To whom ever going to Indonesia just be very careful when you are around the police. They are the real gangsters.  

  So if someone ask me is it about the money I created the business? Not really it was about the fun of doing it and meeting new and bigger adventures. Hehehe.

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Location : Esplanade Mrt Xchange B1-01 Singapore ( 189652 ) @

5 mins City Hall Mrt & 2 Minutes Esplanade Mrt

Contact: 93826864 

Calling Time: 9.30am - 8pm Sunday - Friday 

Operation Timing: 10.30am - 8.30pm Sunday - Friday. Close on Saturday.

Contact by: Call, Sms, Whatsapp. 

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